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Irish Flag

Irish Flag
The flag of Ireland is a vertical tricolor flag: green, white, and orange. Prior to becoming the Irish flag, it was the flag of the Irish Free State. The flag proportioned at a 1:2 (length twice the width) ratio. The tri colors symbolize Green: Gaelic tradition, Orange: Supporters of William of Orange and White: Center signifies lasting truce between the Green and Orange.

The current Irish Flag was introduced by Thomas Francis Meagher in 1848. It was raised over the Post Office in 1916 with a green flag with words Irish Republic in Dublin, that the current tricolored flag of Ireland was regarded as the national flag.

In 1937 the Irish flag was given constitutional status under the 1937 Constitution of Ireland. While there may be differences of opinion, many regard the current flag of Ireland as the national flag of the whole of island of Ireland. As a result, it is flown by many nationalists in Northern Ireland as well as the Gaelic Athletic Association. As a note, the Côte d'Ivoire flag has the same colors, but are in reversed order.

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